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Blocked Drains In Leeds

blocked drain in leeds

Fast & effective Drain unblocking services for blocked drains in leeds

Emergency draincare understand the urgency when you notice your drains are blocked and take make it our priority to reach you as soon as possible.

We specialise in rapid drain repair, drain unblocking and blocked drains in Leeds

We have over 20 years experience in unblocking drains, CCTV drain surveys and drain repairs throughout Leeds. We are a family run business which makes us care for what we do and the quality of service we provide.

Being based in Leeds means we can rapidly respond to drain blockages

Leaving you with complete peace of mind. If you aren’t close to Leeds but are in need of our services, we have been known to travel considerable distances to help our customers.

Common causes of blocked drains

Grease and fat can block your drains

Drain blockages can be caused by a build of grease and fat which is improperly disposed of down your sink. Once fat and grease cool, it hardens creating a very hard to remove substance. Eventually your drains build up with this until your drains are completely blocked. Prevention is most definitely cheaper than the cure in this case but discarding your used fat and grease down the sink is one of the most common reasons for drain blockages.

Trees and leaves can cause blocked drains

Combined with general debris, trees (tree roots/root penetration) and leaves can cause drain blockages, especially in Autumn. So keep on top of your garden all year round to ensure your drains are clear and debris build up is minimal – you’ll also have a lovely garden to boot.

Foreign objects have also been known to cause blocked drains

Aside from the obvious hair, toilet roll build up there are certain objects which can cause drain blockages which you would may have never imagined. Children for instance have been known to throw their toys, full toilet rolls and other objects down the toilet only to be found months later when a blockage occurs.

If you have trouble with your drains or are in need of emergency draincare please give us a call on 0800 1951 333

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