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Drain Survey Cost

Here at Emergency Draincare Ltd we try to be as transparent as possible with our drain survey prices. This can be hard sometimes because of the nature of the job. No drainage system is exactly the same so costs can vary, each have there own problems to contend with. Drainage systems are intricate things, with different sizes, levels and lengths so the best way to price for a survey would be to price per metre. That way we can be competitive on price whilst still keeping a level of transparency.

Sometimes we can provide an approximate drain survey price

Because however we have noticed certain similarities in pricing which has enabled us to provide a rough ballpark of your drain survey cost. So for a standard semi-detached home we say prices start from £120 for your drain survey, larger homes and intricate drainage systems may be more expensive.

So what is including in the drain survey price?

Our drain survey prices include a comprehensive look at your drainage system. This is usually the best way to find and treat drain blockages and foul smells. Once the drain survey is complete we will advise you of the best options to repair any problems found or advise on future care if no blockages or problems were found. We can work you through your drainage system and will also provide general maintenance advice.

Once your engineer has provided you with a drain survey price, you can be rest assured that all our prices are set. Your engineer will come and quote for your CCTV drain survey with no added extras, just honest advice. We provide a quotation which is completely FREE with no obligations.

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