Our Rates

Our Rates


At Emergency Drain Care Ltd. we pride ourselves in being open, honest and transparent as we believe this is a key foundation for a successful job and a happy client. To give you a better understanding of our costs, take a look at our rates below and what they cover.


Domestic Property Hourly Rate


  • 1st Man £37.00

Will access the property & garden to check for services. The manholes will be opened up and the gully checked to assess the problem and will then discuss with the client the method involved in repairing any problems.


  • 2nd Man £37.00

If the engineer requires the high pressure jetter the 2nd man hour will come into force for safety precautions as the water feed is 3000psi.


  • CCTV survey £120.00

If we are unable to clear any blockage or if there appears to be any other problems we recommend a CCTV survey to enable us to pinpoint where the problem is and then advise the client on the method of repair.


  • Jetting £59.00

To maintain & service jetting machinery including hoses and Fittings.


  • 4’’ liner £100 pm

Price includes resins accelerator and chemicals applying the liner sock and rolling in.


  • 6’’ liner £120 pm As above.

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