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What is drain lining

Drain lining

Repairing or replacing a drain can be costly. Not only this but the digging and construction work that is required can also cause you plenty of disruption.

With this in mind, you are likely to want to avoid this as much as possible. But is there a way? The answer is yes and your solution can come in the form of drain lining.

How does drain lining work?

As the name suggests, drain lining is a polymer lining that is bonded to the inside of a drain pipe. It is thought that by doing this you will be creating an additional pipe within the existing drain, giving it a layer of protection.

Whilst some may worry that this may decrease the space that the water can move through, it is only minimal. The best part of drain lining is that it is a non-invasive way to repair drains that have become damaged over time. In fact, many think of it is a drain maintenance version of key-hole surgery.

How is it installed?

With no digging or excavation work required, some may wonder how exactly the lining is added into the pipe.

The first stage of any drain lining installation is to ensure that the drain itself is completely cleaned. After this a small camera will be sent down into the drain, in order to ascertain the level of damage and whether or not a liner is going to be the most appropriate solution.

If it is decided that a liner is going to be the right fix then the liner itself is gently fed into the drain, moving slowly along until it covers the area that is damaged.

The camera is vital in this process at it allows the technician to see when the liner is in the right place, and once they are sure an airbag within the liner is inflated, pushing onto the surface of the pipe.

The liner will then harden, creating the second pipe effect and once this happens the air balloon can be deflated and removed.

It is important that the drain is checked after completion of work, just to make sure that everything is in place and that the issue has been fixed.

The whole process does not take long and when compared to a full pipe replacement, is a simple and fuss free solution. It doesn’t involve digging or any other major works and you may also be surprised to learn that it can be completed for a low budget too.

Want to know more about drain lining and how it can help you? Or perhaps you feel that your issue needs a professional repair instead? Why not get in touch with us here at emergency draincare? We are experts across a variety of different drain repairs, maintenance and services and can ensure that you have drains that are in the very best condition possible.